The Evacuation

Five years ago, Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf coast of the United States, destroying thousands of homes and affecting millions of people. This is the story of how two teenage siblings from Texas, Fawazz and Zubia Akhtar, weathered the storm.

Skin Deep

I’ve always wondered what my ancestry DNA test would turn up, not because I’m curious about my family origins. I want to justify my Blackness.

How Black am I really?

Caste in America

Anil Wagde is a symbol of the American Dream. Having grown up in the slums of Nagpur, Maharashtra, he worked his way up to attending India’s top engineering colleges, and went onto become a successful IT professional in America. He did what couldn’t be imagined for someone from his circumstances, against all odds. But there’s one thing he knows he can never escape: the caste system.
Anil is one of the many low caste Indian immigrants that live looking over their shoulder, hiding in plain sight, and silently navigating South Asian environments to avoid the same discrimination they faced at home. For Anil, he’s been able to position himself to be open without bringing any harm onto himself. But for a certain John Doe at Cisco Systems, the conversation about caste is now being brought to the American justice system, meaning only one thing: caste exists in America.

Eve’s Garden

When the New York City housing department threatened to build public housing on a vacant lot with a dark past, Flatbush community members stopped at nothing from letting their history get buried underneath.

Raj and Batool

Raj is from a Hindu family. When he sees, Batool, a Muslim woman, he falls in love with her at first sight. Even though their religions seem to separate them, faith ultimately brings them closer together.

Like Father, Like Son

It’s normal for parents to make make sacrifices for their children. After all, the number one duty of a parent is to keep their child from harm’s way. But what happens when your child voluntarily wants to run into the fire?

The Girl Who Got Trapped in a Dream

Noemie was popular, vivacious, and hoping to nail her finals in university. Then, she began to sleep, and she couldn’t stop. For 22 days, she slept for 20 hours a day. When she was awake, it was even stranger.

Skip and Jahnye

Skip lost custody of her son, Jahnye, when he was a baby and didn’t think she would see him again. Twelve years later she receives a Facebook message from Jahnye.